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Coupons are great. I actually find it remarkable that you can save some money when you shop for your favorite items or products. And if you have watched the TLC show “Extreme couponing”, you may be contemplating joining the fray now that people are able to save hundreds of dollars on their favorite products by cutting a few coupons. However, you will find that the characters on this show are really into extreme couponing. No matter whether they are online coupon codes or printable ones, they are actually obsessed with them. They spend their time looking for coupons and then paying virtually nothing for their favorite products.

Well, I have to admit that using coupons can be helpful. But extreme couponing is ruining coupons. I use online coupon codes while shopping online, but unlike the people on that show, I no longer take my couponing to the very extreme. Below are reasons why I stopped extreme couponing.

Why Extreme Couponing Sucks

1. Free Offers Aren’t Actually That Attractive

Extreme coupon shopping normally involves collecting both store coupons and manufacturer coupons to obtain products for free or almost nothing. In most scenarios, you can use both manufacturer and store coupons to purchase your favorite items, but extreme coupons involve getting enough coupons in order to get items for free.
I’d buy some items from drug stores such as Walgreens, Rite-Aid and CVS, which are the major dealers for extreme coupon users. This means I ended up buying items such as medicine, toothpaste, and diabetes monitors. With coupons, I ended up getting some of these items completely free of charge, which means that the dealers wanted me to get hooked. The problem is that you end up with the items that you don’t need. The coupon hype means that you purchase unwanted items. Although you could resell these items, some will sit there on the shelves for several weeks or even months, occupying space in your house.

2. The Same Products Are Constantly On Sale

Another problem is that you are limited to purchase products that are on offer. Another problem is that the same products are always available and have coupons available week in, week out, which means that you will have to purchase such items continually.

3. Stockpiling Factor

Extreme couponing is normally associated with stockpiling, which refers to the purchase of huge volumes of the same product when using store coupons along with manufacturer coupons to make the product free or considerably lower in price. The habit can also result in surplus of things in your home, taking up a lot of space. Food items become damaged and go into waste.

4. It is Potentially Unhealthy

Nonperishable goods like cheese and macaroni are also put on sale. There are plenty of coupons available for many nonperishable goods as well. Having too many of these packaged foods in your house can result in unhealthy eating habits. Remember some of these packaged foods are packed with preservatives, chemicals and other fillers that are not particularly good for your health.

5. Couponing Is Time-Consuming

Most extreme coupon shoppers will tell you that you need a lot of time to combine various coupons in order to make significant savings. You need to purchase several newspapers each day to get enough coupons to buy multiple products for free and also you need to arrange those coupons to help you get them immediately you need them. Checking deals and making your shopping lists can also take a lot of your time. Therefore, you may find that you are wasting time saving some money on things that you don’t require or shouldn’t be buying in the first place.